Our Mission

SEED Success will develop partners, infrastructure, and policies to deliver CISAs to communities committed to asset building with students, teachers, and families.

Asset Building through CISA’s

In 1991, Michael Sherraden, introduced the concept of Child Savings Accounts (CSAs) in his seminal book, Assets and the Poor. CSAs are more than the state 529 savings plans on which many are built. In concept, CSAs provide students with an initial ‘seed’ deposit to spark asset accumulation. The Child Development Accounts (CDA) are designed to match funds and provide incentives. This allows public or philanthropic funds to boost families’ savings and extend meaningful savings incentives for efforts like good attendance, community service projects, financial eduaction, and personal deposits. This provides opportunity for balance-building particularly for lower-income savers.
Over the past several years, there has been rapid growth in these types of accounts both those that use 529s and those that use depository institutions (i.e., Banks or Credit Unions). SEED Success will explore the models that best fit with the community. The vision is to build the infrastructure for “savings accounts that provide financial access, information, and incentives to encourage lifelong asset building and promote child development” (Huang, Sherraden, Kim, & Clancy, 2014).

BooneSaves is an initial project for SEED Success that intends to provide CISAs for kindergartners in Columbia Public Schools and 5 Boone County rural schools. With the schools as partners the accounts can be used to spark and reward financial education. It is our hope that CISA’s will strengthen a child’s access and capacity to achieve the American Dream through financial capital accumulation and integration into educational and financial systems.


Program elements for SEED Success include:

  • Seed accounts with an initial deposit
  • Provide incentives for saving, including, matching funds
  • • Pair the accounts with financial education curriculum


What We've Achieved

  • Enrolled two pilot elementary schools
  • Supported Bold Academy with accounts for youth in their program
  • Connected stakeholders around a common goal in Boone County
  • Developed fundraising platform to fund CISA’s
  • Developed online enrollment platform


What People Say

We look forward to hearing what others are saying about SEED Success CISAs can strengthen education’s capacity as a path to the American Dream…

“Thank you for doing this for my kid” – parent comment at our pilot school