Build Assets, Build Lives


“Thank you for doing this for my kid” – Comment from one mother at our pilot school

We SEED Success through community partners, schools, and financial institutions.

SEED Success is committed to universal youth asset building, creating opportunity for post-secondary education, ownership, and economic opportunity. SEED = Student Educational and Economic Development! Research has demonstrated that Children’s Development Accounts (CDA’s) improve how a child thinks about his/her future and their academic performance. When there is access to savings accounts, encouragement, and comprehensive financial education, a family’s outlook becomes more aspirational. When youth have as little as $500 saved for education they are 3X more likely to attend college. A comprehensive strategy for promoting asset building in schools will empower families to plan for their futures.

SEED Success partners with school systems and communities to seed College/Career Incentive Savings Accounts (CISA’s) with initial deposits and raise resources for incentive deposits.


You can Make a Difference

Every child can have the tools they need to be successful. With your help, SEED Success will make resources available to encourage students to make goals and build assets in a SEED Success College/Career Incentive Savings Account. Your gift will help us offer incentives for things like good attendance, community service, and matching personal deposits.


Your donation builds hope by helping families build assets for education, ownership, and economic security. Help us support College/Career Incentive Savings Accounts and k-12 financial education with our partners in schools and financial institutions.